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What’s In Store

Come inside our marvelous Ice Cream Shop and see what the buzz is all about. What's the Scoop is changing the way you shop. Check out all  of the freshest and best tasting ice cream in town today!

Ice Cream & Scoops

Gourmet Ice Cream (offered in a cup or cone)

Our flavors change every week. Please call in to check on what we currently have!

Kiddie: 1 Scoop 
Small: 2 Scoops 
Medium: 3 Scoops
Large: 4 Scoops


Handcrafted Milkshakes

One size: All milkshakes are 16 ounces



Your choice of a classic soft serve vanilla, chocolate, or a strawberry milkshake


Pick from any of our premium ice creams to turn into a milkshake


Our 5 pre-made crazy milkshakes



One size: All smoothies are 16 ounces.

All smoothies are made with coconut milk and your choice of a base: ice or vegan vanilla ice cream


Blueberry Flaxseed

coconut milk, frozen blueberries, banana, honey, and flaxseed

The Classic

coconut milk, frozen strawberries, banana, and honey

Green Dream

coconut milk, almond butter, kale, spinach, frozen banana

Avocado Fresh

coconut milk, frozen avocado, orange, and spinach

Tropical Blue

coconut milk, frozen pineapple, banana, blue spirulina

Matcha Ginger

coconut milk, frozen avocado, ginger, pineapple, spinach, matcha

Acai Bowl

One Size: 16 ounces

Acai, coconut milk, frozen banana, blueberries, and three toppings of choice


Dippin Dots

We offer rainbow, cookies & cream, cotton candy, and banana split dippin dots.

Small cup 

5 ounces

Large cup
8 ounces


Ice Cream Taco

Made fresh in shop!

 Step 1: Choose your shell. We offer vanilla, chocolate, confetti, or gluten free vanilla taco shells.

Step 2: Choose your ice cream.

Step 3: Choose two sauces. We offer caramel, fudge, strawberry, or marshmallow.

Step 4: Choose your toppings! All tacos come with your choice of either chocolate or rainbow sprinkles, peanuts, whipped cream, and a cherry.

*Any additional toppings will be an extra charge*





Our Delicious Drinks

Iced Coffee

Coming Soon...

Image by Nathan Dumlao
Image by Sandie Clarke


Coming Soon...


Coming Soon...

Tropical Drinks


Banana Split

Fresh banana, with your choice of 3 scoops of any homemade ice cream, topped with fudge, caramel, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, and a cherry 


Vanilla or chocolate soft serve malt

Soda floats

Choose from either root beer or cola soda with 2 scoops of ice cream of your ice cream

Turtle sundae

Soft serve vanilla, pecans, fudge, caramel, whipped cream, cherry on top.


Your choice of M & M, Oreo, heath, and cookie dough.


Shaved Ice

Small: 4 ounces

Medium: 8 ounces

Large: 12 ounces



Ice Cream Flavours

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